Our Best Arlington Dentists Tx

Dr. Daniel Tello

Best dentist Arlington TX, Dr. Daniel Tello, a New York City native, earned his Bachelors of Science from Nova Southeastern University. From there, he earned his Masters in Biomedical Sciences at Rutgers University. He completed his dental training at NYU College of Dentistry and received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

Dr. Tello is a compassionate and meticulous dentist who places great emphasis on patient education. He has a strong interest in esthetics, oral surgery, and implant dentistry.

Dr. Tello currently lives in Dallas, where in his free time he enjoys playing tennis and blowing the crowd away with his karaoke skills.

Dr. Joy Bui

Best dentist Arlington TX, Dr. Joy Bui (Dentist/Orthodontist Arlington) got her Bachelor’s of Science at Tulane University. Following that she went on to complete her dental & orthodontics education at Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Bui mainly practices out of the Dreamworks Dental and Orthodontics in Arlington, however, she also practices at other DreamWorks Dental and Orthodontics offices in Fort Worth, Irving, and Dallas and can occasionally be found treating patients there as well.

Dr. Maria Nguyen

Best dentist Arlington TX, Dr. Maria Nguyen received a Bachelors of Science at the University of North Texas with a major in Biology. After completing her undergraduate training, she attended Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine where she received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine. She is an expert Dentist in the Arlington, Dallas, Irving, and Fort Worth Area.