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You’re not the only one afraid, have phobias, or have negative past experiences that keep you from getting the oral care you truly need.

It’s not your fault if you’re afraid of going to the dentist Doctors Joy and Nina are your dental heroes and are here to give you the best dental experience that will change your life! We are a 5-star rated practice that brings you comfort and a smile to you the moment you walk in.

Our goal is to eliminate your fears, take care of your needs, reach your dental goals, and bring a smile to your face by providing gentle effective care. Dreamworks Dental Arlington has well over 25 years of experience and puts your comfort first, where we use the best technology to ensure you get the best long-lasting, transformational results you want! We strive to educate patients to care for their oral health for a life time.

At Dreamworks, our #1 priority is providing only the highest quality care for all patients. Everyone is unique and so is their oral health, therefore every treatment must be customized and designed based on their personal oral needs and goals. We certainly understand the impact that a simple correction can have on one’s smile.

Ask about the sedative options we have for when your fears take over when it comes time to get your dental work done.

Smile with Arlington dentist!

It is important to make sure you have regular dentistry checkups to ensure your smile is clean and healthy. It is recommended by The American Dental Association to visit your dentist at least once a year for a cleaning and professional flossing, to prevent any toothaches. The last thing you want is to visit your local dentist when you’re in excruciating pain, then to find more services than anticipated, thus more funds out of your pocket. Dreamworks Arlington has a couple of different dentistry payment options perfectly suited that won’t leave your wallet feeling light. Our dentistry care plans for all ages, are created to afford any dentistry treatment without adding additional financial stress on your mind. Now that is something to smile about!